Mariya Ibarra : Brazilian Butt Lift Story #1

How did you decide for Brazilian Butt lift surgery?

When I realized that I want bigger buttocks, I had some questions in my mind. Many thanks to Magical Clinic, I found the perfect plastic surgery consultant and surgeon there, everything went good, and my buttocks are looks as I expected! My buttocks look like it was always like this it seems natural, and after a very long time, finally, I’m feeling complete. I strongly advise Magical Clinic for all the ones considering Brazilian butt lift.

What was the reason for you to get Brazilian Butt Lift?

I’m 35 years old, and after giving birth to 2 kids, your body is not looking like in it’s 20’s. I always had a flat butt, but after births, because of the weight gain and loss, I was looking curveless. Postpartum period psychology is very odd, most of the women know this. With the effects of this, I didn’t like how I look. I started to gym, I got in the shape, but due to the birth, I still had excess fat on my belly, love handles and inner thighs and my buttocks were still absent. I started searching, but I was worried about having scars, etc. The idea of having lovely buttocks was good, but thanks to my concerns, I put it to the shelf. After a while, I realized that I want a Brazilian Butt Lift. I was happy about my body shape, but it was incomplete without nice buttocks. I wanted to put an end to this and made up my mind about having the procedure.


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Why did you choose Magical Clinic?

I saw their ad on Instagram, and it was catchy. Since they took my attention and I was willing to get the procedure, I went to their website. I left my info for consultation, and they called me after 2 days. I liked how they make things done and liked their offer pretty much, so I went with Magical Clinic.

How was your consultation process?

I was in touch with my consultant for the whole process. First, she called me due to my consultation request. She had 2 offers for me, one was just operation and the second one was an all-inclusive package. I choose the 2nd one because it was more advantageous. The package was including; 5 nights stay in hotel, 2 nights stay in the hospital, airport and local private transfers, consultation with the surgeon, medications, post-op controls, and medical kits, customized patient service and 24/7 online assistance. I was satisfied with their offer and accepted it, and my personal consultant smoothly arranged everything. I just prepared my luggage and took the flight to Istanbul. I meet with the driver whom they sent at the airport, and he took me to my hotel. He wasn’t speaking English very well, but we understood each other somehow.

How was your procedure?

I was anxious on the operation day. I was still worried about having scars and incisions, but my doctor said I could put away my concerns because I won’t see any of them thanks to the modern liposuction techniques.

They put me under general anesthesia, and I don’t remember the rest. When I fully woke up, my surgeon and his team were there, and they explained to me what they did. He said they used the micro-liposuction technique to provide a smoother profile and took excess fat from 4 areas.

After the procedure, it was relatively pain-free as I expected. They said this is the usual way.

I appreciated their interest and care. They answered all my questions and took excellent care with me.

How was your recovery process?

My medical consultant told me that since fat grafts are very fragile in the first weeks, I need to be careful with my actions. The first week after the operation was quite normal. I was sleeping on my belly, and that was a little bit annoying because I wasn’t used to it. The areas which they took fat, especially my belly was hurting when I got off the bed. I couldn’t sit on my butt for 2 weeks. On the 3rd week, I started sitting with the help of a soft pillow. I had bruising and swelling, but it was a natural part of the recovery process. After a month I started to do some easy exercises. I used all the pills that my doctor gave me. Pills helped me a lot with the pain. It’s been 2 months now, and I’m working very well. Everything is going just fine, and I should say that I’m delighted with my results. My body kept 70% of the injected fat, and according to my doctor this is an excellent rate. Now I’m waiting for my next follow-up, and we’ll see how is everything going.