İbrahim Ag Alhabib : Hair Transplant Story #1

How did you decide for a hair transplant?

I decided to get a hair transplant and started searching. Some people were saying that the results and the prices were not that good in my country. So I began searching abroad. I asked a friend of mine, I knew he had a hair transplant a few months ago in Turkey, and he gave me a clinic’s website, which was Magical Clinic.

So, I went to the website and left my info. The same day they called me and arranged an online consultation. They planned the whole program, and I took the flight and went to Istanbul. They even organized an Istanbul trip after the procedure. I’m super pleased with the results, and I highly recommend them. Thank you so much again!

What was the reason for you to get a FUE hair transplant?

My primary motivation to get hair transplant was love. I decided to go through the procedure, and I started researching. I found out there was more than one technique and I choose FUE hair transplant due to some simple reasons, first of all, it works! It has a shorter recovery period, less risky about complications, you’ll get no stitches, scars and there will be no nerve damage or numbness. Besides these, results will be natural!


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Why did you choose Magical Clinic?

When I decided to get a hair transplant, I started to search about clinics, but I saw that operations in my country were costly and some people on forums were saying that they were not that happy with the results. So I started searching abroad. I asked a friend of mine, I knew he had hair transplant a few months ago in Turkey, and he was so happy with the result, so he gave me the clinic’s website, which was Magical Clinic. I was fascinated by their devotion, experiences, interest and good intentions. That’s why I choose them.

How was your consultation process?

I went to their website and left my info. Next day, they arranged an online consultation for me. They answered all my questions, help me to find the surgeon and arranged a consultation with him. My surgeon showed me some pictures and then we decided what kind of hairline will suit me well and thank god I was a good candidate for FUE hair transplant. After that, they planned the whole program, and I took the flight and went to Istanbul. They even arranged an Istanbul trip after the procedure, and it was awesome.

How was your procedure?

On the operation day, I went to the clinic, and they prepared me for the procedure. First, they shortened my hair and anesthetized the donor area, draw the lines, and the process started. You get 20-30 shots to make sure that you’re not going to feel anything. After that, they began with the extraction of the follicles. It was not painful, but the sound makes you a little bit annoyed like getting tattoos. The whole process took 9 hours. Long story short, I didn’t feel anything due to anesthetics. It’s hard to say anything about the final look because it’s been almost 5 months. But as far as I can see, my hairline looks fantastic and they did an excellent and clean job.

How was your recovery process?

They told me that the recovery begins almost immediately and the process of regeneration is progressive and differs from patient to patient.

Falling off of the new hair was the first stage of the growth process. They told me to wash my head with a special shampoo because it’s more gentle than the others. My scabs start falling off after 9 days. After 2 months my new hairs started to appear, and they said I could see that my hairs are getting thicker within a year. But seeing the whole result is up to 18 months, so I’m waiting right now.

By the way, there are some restrictions like avoiding to scratch your head, hitting your head, no exercise on the first 2 weeks, no alcohol and smoking.

As I said, I’m waiting to see the final results but, I’m sure that they did a remarkable job according to the current look of my hair. Finally, confidence in self has restored! Thanks to my magicians!