Elsie Robins : Breast Implant Story #1

When I was 19 years old, I understood that my breasts will never get bigger. I was looking like a plank, so my self confidence was low. They were 32B, and since my height is 1.79 cm and I needed breast implants. Then I decided to get breast implants, and I found Magical Clinic. Like their name, they touched me with their magic wand.  My breasts are 32E now and I’m super confident! Thank you all so much, Magicians!

What was the reason for you to get Breast Implants?

Just one word. Insecurity. I was feeling insecure about how I look. Since I was 15 years old, my breasts are the same size. During puberty times, I had wait them to grow more but they didn’t even get a little bit bigger. When I was 19, I started thinking about breast implants.  When I turned 25, I started searching about best clinics and surgeons, but I felt lazy about the whole process.


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Why did you choose Magical Clinic?

I couldn’t find any surgeon who is successful and also suits my budget. I was about to give up, until my visit to Istanbul. I went to Istanbul to visit my friend, and I knew she got breast implants. And she was absolutely looking satisfied. It was a good reference for me so I decided on Magical Clinic.

How was your consultation process?

My friend Aslı took me to Magical Clinic, where I the surgeon. I directly talked to him. He did the examination, he was very respectful at the same time took care with everything. He explained the basics to me, everything was clear before the operation.

He asked me questions about what I wanted, and I didn’t get this from my previous consultations. After that, he showed me his gallery, and I choose the ones that I liked most. He said breast implants do not come in cup sizes and I should try. I tried 4 on implant sizers, and I found the perfect one for me. Then we arranged the date and I started waiting for my surgery.


How was your procedure?

On the day of the operation, I went to the clinic. Nurses prepared me for surgery and anesthetist put me under sleep. I don’t know what happened because I was under anesthesia, but they told me what they did when I woke up. He said, after general anesthesia, he (surgeon) positioned the beast implants under my chest muscle and then he made some stitches from inside to support my breasts and closed my skin. He said the whole operation took almost 2 hours. After I got out from the effect of anesthesia, he told me that I could go home. Nurses made my dressings, and I had to wear a surgical bra and then my friend took me to her house. By the way, you should make sure that you have someone to come and pick you up because it’s dangerous to drive.

How was your recovery process?

First of all, I had to limit my physical activity, and I took time off work. You should do your doctor’s post-op instructions to get the results you want. I didn’t do any exercise for 8 weeks and avoid crowded places for a while. I wear a postoperative bra until my surgeon told me that I don’t have to wear them anymore. Swelling and tenderness on my breasts went after 5 weeks. I got the procedure on fall because while your scars are healing, you have to avoid the sun and my surgeon told me that if I got the procedure on fall, closed clothing can make me feel comfier and prepared. I’m on my 11th week now and my breasts are looking perfect’ they almost gained their natural look and I’m in love with them. Before surgery, they were 32B, and now they are 32E and I couldn’t even imagine having big and perfect boobs.

Getting breast implants was the best decision of my life and I’m grateful to Magical Clinic!