What is a Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery can also be referred to as a mammoplasty surgery. It is an operation meant to reduce or decrease large breasts to a small size. In simpler terms, its a procedure intended to eject excess skin, fat or tissue from the breasts to make them proportional to the body contours.

This surgery is meant for women who experience difficulties in trying to fit their breasts into clothes and bras. It enhances the patient’s self-image as well as boost their confidence. It can also be done for medical purposes; for instance, it is a permanent solution to men who suffer from Gynecomastia.

The surgery has been performed for more than two decades, and it is now in the top six of one of the most common cosmetic plastic surgery mostly among women. However, this doesn’t make it a simple procedure, as there are some side effects to consider before going for the surgery.


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Candidates of the Breast Reduction Surgery

Both male and female patients can undergo this surgery, but due to its intricacy, not every person makes a suitable candidate for the reduction mammoplasty. People with heart problems or diabetes are not recommended for this surgery. To make a good candidate, one has to be healthy, with fully developed breasts. Depending with the purpose of the mammoplasty, it is usually open to all age groups.

Preparations for Breast Reduction Surgery

One week prior and after the surgery, the patient is advised to take a break from smoking, so as to promote a swift healing process. Just like any other surgery, the patient also has to stop taking aspirin medication, herbal supplements or anti-inflammatory pills. This is done so as to help with controlling bleeding during the course of the operation.

During Breast Reduction Surgery

It is usually performed under general anesthesia, and the whole procedure takes typically two hours, but at times it may be longer, depending on the amount of fat or skin to be removed. To remove the excess unwanted fatty tissue, your surgeon may either make small incisions or use the liposuction technique.

The Incision Technique: Small incisions are made in any area around the areola/nipple, and the excess unwanted skin is loosened and ejected from the breast. The nipple is then repositioned in a way that suits the body contours. This leaves small scars around the nipple, and in some instances, it can prevent the female patients from breastfeeding for some months.

The Liposuction Technique: Tiny incisions are made underneath the breast, and the cannula or medical tubes are used to drain out the excess fatty tissue. This, therefore, results in reduced breast size. This technique doesn’t affect the nipple or the patient’s breastfeeding, therefore, and at most scarring is minor.

After the Breast Reduction Surgery

As soon as the procedure is performed, the operated breast(s) will be covered in bandages. If necessary, a tiny tube may be inserted under the arm to collect any excess fluids. The surgeon is most likely to prescribe painkillers and antibiotics in case of any pain or infection.

Few days after the surgery, the patient’s is likely to be in discomfort as the operated breasts may feel numb, bruised or even swollen. However, one is expected to return to work in a week but should avoid strenuous activities.

Breast Reduction Scars

As noted above, scarring is visible when only using the traditional incision technique. Breast reduction surgery using liposuction techniques leaves minor invisible scars underneath the breath. Regardless of the technique used, surgeons try by all means to reduce scarring during Breast Reduction surgery.

Side Effects of Breast Reduction Surgery

Side effects are no exception to any plastic surgery, whether it’s for cosmetic or medical purposes. Infection and bleeding are the two possible side effects related to any plastic surgery. However, with Breast Reduction surgery, there is also a risk of scarring, bruising, breastfeeding difficulty as well as variations in the symmetry, shape or size of the breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey

Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey is not something new. This type of plastic surgery has been around for the past two centuries. With Turkey being known as one of the top destinations for medical visitors in the world, the country boasts of a number of experienced and certified Reduction Mammoplasty specialists.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Istanbul

Yearly, Magical Clinic in Istanbul welcomes hundreds of Breast Reduction patients from Western Europe, the US, and Africa. This is due to the clinic’s high-quality delivery of Breast Reduction treatment services, state-of-the-art facilities, and expert surgical doctors.


This content is created and edited by Magical Clinic Medical Editors in February, 2019. 

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