What Is a Breast Implant Surgery?

Breast implants surgery is a cosmetic procedure whereby implants such as fatty tissues are inserted on the breast to enhance the breast profile by either increasing their size and shape. This surgery is known in the surgical community as a boob job. Although this procedure is most common with women, breast implants surgery can also be done for transgender purposes.

With the advancement of technological facilities, there are various types of breast implants nowadays. These include Saline, Structured saline, Silicone, Gummy bear, Round breast, Smooth breast implant, and textured breast implants. These techniques may be performed differently, but the general purpose is enhancing the breast profile.


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How are Breast Implants Placed?

Breast implants can either be placed under or over the breast muscle. The placement of the implant is conditioned by various factors which may include the type of implant, the patient’s health, implant size as well as the realistic desired outcome of the patient’s breast profile.

The over the muscle placements can also be referred to as the sub-glandular placement. This placement is viable for women who are breastfeeding as the implant is placed below the breast’s gland. It is a common cosmetic technique as it can easily bring out an attractive cleavage since the implants are inserted much closer.

With under the muscle placement or sub-muscular placement, the implants are inserted just under the major chest muscle known as the pectorals. Since the original breast tissue covers the implants, the results of this placement look more natural. Despite this placement technique being more complex and invasive, it is regarded as a safer choice for women who would like to have a breast uplift later.

Candidates of the Breast Implant Surgery

Being physically healthy is the first requirement for one to be regarded as a suitable candidate for this procedure. The patient’s breast should have fully developed, and this implies that females below the age of 18 would not make a good candidate. Women who are not pleased with their breast profile after pregnancy, weight loss or those who have suffered from breast cancer would also make ideal candidates of the Breast Implant surgery.

Preparations for A Breast Implant Surgery

Just like in any other surgery preparation, the breast implant procedure begins with the surgeon’s carrying out some tests and making a physical examination of the patient. The surgeon will also put different dimensions of the selected type of implant in the patient’s bra so that she may select the desired breast profile. If the placement technique to be used is sub-glandular, then it is important for a patient to have stopped breastfeeding three months prior to the surgery.

During Breast Implant Surgery

Although the average time taken is usually 2 hours, the duration of the surgery usually varies according to the type of placement technique used. For instance, because of its invasive nature, the sub-muscular placement usually takes much time than over the muscle placement technique. The breast to be operated is numbed for the patient’s comfort and the surgery can be performed when the patient is conscious or unconscious.

Once the breast to be operated is numb, the surgeon’s next step is to make an incision. The incision can either be made around the nipple, the patient’s arm (trans axillary), under the breast or along the existing scars (if it’s a re-augmentation). The implants are then placed through an incision made. Medical instruments such as cannula tubes and a camera are used to place the implant in the intended position perfectly. The implant is either placed using either the sub-glandular or the sub-muscular placement technique.
After this process, incisions are stitched. Temporary drains may be placed to collect any sort of fluid accumulation.

After the Breast Implant Surgery

Immediately after the surgery, the patient will be moved to a recovery room where she/he will be closely monitored by the surgeon’s assistants. Your breasts will be bandaged, or you will have to wear a bra. On this stage, it is normal for a patient to have a sort of temporary discomfort or even pain, but the surgeon usually prescribes medication at this stage. The patient is expected to go back to normal working duties in one or two weeks. Physical activities such as flexing arms, running or jumping are usually not recommended during the recovery process.

Side Effects of the Breast Implant Surgery

As with any other plastic surgery procedure, there are possible side effects associated with breast implant surgery. These encompass infection, bleeding, scarring, breast pain or even bruises.

Scars of a Breast Implant Surgery

With different techniques being used nowadays during the Breast Implant surgery, scarring after the operation has been greatly minimized. Depending on the technique used, incisions are now usually made in hidden areas such as under the breast. Fortunately, these scars also tend to fade in two to three months.

Breast Implant Surgery in Turkey

Breast Implants surgery in Turkey is as common as it is in the US or England. Thousands and thousands of medical visitors travel to Turkey every year for this specific type of plastic surgery. This is because of the country’s A+ rated surgical facilities, and generally the low costs of the Breast Augmentation Surgery.

Breast Implant Surgery in Istanbul

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