Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penises vary in terms of shape and size, and according to various studies, the average flaccid size of a penis is 9.16 cm or 3.16 inches. As the names imply, Penis enlargement surgery is aimed at increasing the length and thickness of the penis. This procedure can also be referred to as penile enhancement or phalloplasty. It is perceived as the only procedure that gives a permanent solution to the enlargement of the male organ, and it has no impact on fertility. After this procedure, the average increase in size is 2.54 cm or 1 inch.

Introduced in the early 70s, penile-lengthening has evolved over the years and has been undertaken by hundreds of thousands of men. With each advancement, the procedure has become much safer and effective. In carrying out this surgery, two common techniques are used, one focuses on increasing the size of the penis, while the other aims at enhancing its girth. However, it is still a complicated procedure, and there is a need for a collaborative approach between plastic surgery and urology.

Although the results of this surgery vary from one patient to the other, below is the general list of the possible outcome:

  • Increase in the length of the penis is between 2 and 3 cm.
  • 1 cm enhancement when the penis is erect.
  • The circumference increases by 20-40%.
  • Penis glans volume increases by 20-40%


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Needless to say, this surgery is designed for male patients who have a condition called micropenis. This term describes a penis that when stretched, is less than 7.5 cm or 3 inches. Other suitable candidates are patients who feel that their penis is not proportional to their body frame, or those who have been diagnosed with Peyronie — a painful erection. Patients who have a positive attitude, and are generally good health can also make the list of good Phalloplasty candidates. Penis enlargement treatment is generally provided to adult men, and there is no upper age limit.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Preparation

As one will be waiting for his surgery appointment, the surgeon will clarify the whole procedure, explaining every stage involved in the operation. Patients are expected to discuss their previous surgeries if any, and notify the surgeon if they have allergies. It is also of paramount importance to take a break from smoking on the day of surgery. This will help in ensuring better healing. Regardless of the surgery method, patients are advised to desist from taking aspirins, herbal medications, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

During Penis Enlargement Surgery

The average duration of a penis enlargement surgery is one and a half hour. At the beginning of the surgery, the surgeon will administer medication for the patient’s comfort. Just like any other plastic surgery, general anesthesia will be given to the patient to make the area of treatment numb. During this surgery, the patient’s blood pressure, oxygen circulation, pulse, and heart will be closely monitored for safety reasons.

As stated above, there are two methods of performing penis enlargement surgery. Depending on the patient’s interests, these methods can be performed collaboratively or not.  These techniques are explained in great detail below:

Method 1: Lengthening the penis. Nearly, three-quarters of the penis is hidden inside the body, just underneath the pubic bone. A small incision on the pubic area is made, and through that incision, the pelvic bone and the penis are separated by cutting the ligament that connects them. This will, therefore, free the ligament on the outward penis, allow much of the penis to be more visible outside the body. This is method increases the size of the penis by revealing more of the hidden part. After this procedure, the penis’ erection will be pointing downward, but this will not affect its normal function.

Method 2: Widening the penis. This procedure is aimed at enhancing the thickness or girth of the penis. It is performed by inserting fat cells from any other part of the body to the penile shaft. The fat cells may be extracted from the patient’s thighs, stomach or buttock through a process known as Liposuction. This method has proved to be more effective since the tissues being used are from the same body.

Recovery Process of Penis Enlargement

Following the surgery, the patient’s penis is bandaged for 10 to 12 days, and the bandages should be constantly changed. Abstinence from sexual activities is advised to promote speedy healing. The ability to urinate will remain unaffected. If there is a pain, the surgeon will prescribe painkillers.
The patient who went through the penis lengthening procedure would need to use stretching devices daily for 6 months, to prevent the reattachment of the ligament. It is vital to realize that the duration time it takes for recuperation differs incredibly among people. Complete results of the penis enlargement surgery are usually noticed from three to six months.

Side Effects of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Besides bleeding and infection risks, there are other numerous unsightly complications that may occur, and these include reduced sensitivity, difficulty in getting an erection and also nerve damage.

Scars of Penis Enlargement Surgery

One small incision is made in the pubic area, and if it so happens that it becomes a scar, it will be covered by pubic hair. There won’t be any incision made on the penis. If need be, another incision may be formed on the penis’ glans, but this highly unlikely.

Penis Enlargement Surgery in Turkey

Penis enlargement surgery in Turkey is not a new thing. This procedure has been performed for a number of decades together with a wide range of other plastic surgery services.

Penis Enlargement Surgery in Istanbul

Magical Clinic has surgeons, who focus on men’s genital surgery and sexual health. These surgeons perform hundreds and hundreds of penis enlargement operations annually.


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